Tutorial – Promote Movies and TV Shows

Generate your movie link:

Search for any movie name and select it from the dropdown list. Next, copy your promotional link.

It’s always better to create a short URL for your link using bit.ly or goo.gl

Promote movies

Promote in Facebook

Method 1
Join Movie related Facebook groups and post your link.


Method 2
Create a Facebook page for your movie and promote it. Use hashtags and people will find your page when they search the movie.
It’s better to have a page name like ‘Watch <movie name> Online HD’



Promote in Quora

Quora.com is a question and answers website. People always ask questions related to movies. You can provide better answers and include your movie promotional link in answers.

Make sure to provide a lengthy answer as they rank well. You can copy some reviews from IMDB and paste in your answer. Include your promotional link in the answer