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All you have to do is promote your favorite movies. Enter any movie name in the search box and get your movie promotion link. Now share it everywhere. When someone clicks on your link to watch the movie, he will be directed to our movie service and needs to sign-up to watch it. You will earn $15 per each sign-up.


How exactly should i promote my movie promotional link?

You can easily promote them in social media groups, forums, youtube and twitter. Check the tutorial section for more info.

Is it easy to promote movies and earn money?

This is the easiest way to earn money in PayTime. Because people love to watch movies and they always want to watch them online. You can easily earn more than $100 per day.

What kind of movies and TV shows are best to promote?

You can promote any movie/TV show. But people are always looking for latest movies and TV shows.

How should i know when someone sign-up through my link?

We send a confirmation email and you can also check your activity history in the dashboard.

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